Penelope was a third culture kid. Her fathers job led him to international assignments and growing up she lived in Egypt and Portugal. It was only after graduating from high school that she returned to France. At first, she didn't like being back. All of her siblings live abroad. But she now lives in Rennes and has a boy, Nathan, in the same class as Silas.

It's awkward - to say the least - being a foreigner just beginning to learn a language. You can't be yourself because so much of who we are is self expression. Yet people are reaching out to Silas. May and Penelope talked together at the park after school while Silas and Nathan played 'chat perché' tag. Nathan also has a younger brother the same age as Efrem. Pulled by her third culture identity, Penelope invited Silas to go to their house for lunch between school periods.

Yesterday Silas had lunch with a French family. Isn't that brave?! They played dinosaurs together and Silas told them all about his birthday cake. Penelope said that when he speaks French Silas doesn't have an accent. So he's learning well! It's really hard for us to know how much he understands. He always tells us he didn't understand anything. Yet when his friend Nathan wants to play tag and says "You're it!"  Silas asserts "Non, c'est toi le chat!"

Walking home after dropping Silas off at school is hard. He's with his teacher and classmates 6 hours a day. Will they be kind to him? Will he be teased or hurt? Does he feel lost all day? Silas is learning and adjusting well. Our prayers are being answered. And now I ask myself - how well am I learning and adjusting? How about you?