Korea is amazing to visit. I'd never been to Asia, it was as amazing as I'd imagined. Pictorial writing is so different than roman characters. One evening we got into a taxi and told him the name of our hotel. He didn't seem to understand, so we handed him the name and address written on a piece of paper. He looked at it for a long, long time. What's the problem, we thought? Then we realized that it was written in roman characters instead of Korean ones. We did a lot of pointing during that cab ride.

Then there's the food. We really like Korean food. Some restaurants had large tanks with fish swimming around. Above the tanks their many fish dishes are displayed. Now that's fresh! But the cold lunches and dinners provided for us wore on after a while. Desserts really aren't a priority there, and my western tongue really needed some sugar. After one lunch, May and I finished the rice and meat, looked at each other and said - I'm still hungry! We walked across the street and bought a waffle with whipped cream on it. Then we had two ice cream cones. Dessert is the most important meal of the day, and we'd been missing it.

We had one morning to explore, so we walked over to a Buddhist temple. There was a service going on, with people bowing down and up, down and up as the priest chanted. Three golden statues gazed blankly at the worshippers. In one temple thousands of little green statues were lined up behind the buddhas. On one hand, the unhurried focus is admirable. How difficult it is in our Western World to set aside time to give something our full attention. On the other hand, how lifeless those statues are. How much more worthwhile those prayers would be if they were directed to Christ.