Efrem and Silas both love it when Daddy decorates their birthday cakes.  One funny thing though, is that Silas doesn’t really like to eat them.  In fact, he didn’t eat a bite of Efrem’s cake at all!  Somehow, in the dessert sense, the apple has rolled away from the tree.  The rest of us fully enjoyed Efrem’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting – all the more for us!

So, this year Silas had a Pokémon cake.  A pokéball is red and white.  He didn’t seem to mind that the red looked a little pink.  The general idea was there.  But Efrem wanted a Spiderman cake.  You just CAN’T have a pink Spiderman.  I looked to no avail for some red sprinkles, and finally my folks came to the rescue and mailed me some.  Efrem’s Spiderman cake features red sprinkles over the cream cheese frosting.  I used a wide mouth canning funnel to control where they fell on the cake.  The detail and webbing were made using black licorice, which is becoming indispensable for their cakes.


Spiderman birthday cake