La Lumiere
July, 2012

Last year the campus team in Rennes had five americans. We worked in French, had our staff meetings in French, and said often – we need French people on this team! We’ve been praying for years that the Lord would add French staff or interns to our team. That's where Stephanie Chow enters the story. Stephanie is one of the students who went to Burkina Faso with us last year. She was also part of our student leadership team. Stephanie says that she was inspired to see people's commitment to share Christ with students, both in Burkina Faso and in Rennes. Now she wants to invest in the lives of students and help them grow in their faith. Stephanie is working to raise support to do an internship with Agapé in Rennes next year. What a blessing! What an answer to prayer! We are thrilled that Stephanie is taking this giant step of faith. Would you join us in praying for her? You’re welcome to join us in supporting her financially as well (

The Burkina Faso team
Stephanie  Chow (in pink) part of team Burkina.

What are three things you like about summer?


Efrem– going on trips, practicing typing (with a typing instruction computer game), and water gun fights!

Silas– having barely any work to do. It's usually hot and sunny. And playing way more than during the school year.

May– I like it to get hot, though it hasn't gotten hot here yet. The unstructured schedule. Having time for family activities, even after dinner.

Dan– extra time with my boys, BBQ, sunshine and coffee with May.

Anything you don’t like about summer?

Efrem– home school (which continues during the summer).

Silas – getting bored.

May– packing (for trips).

Dan– your chocolate melts when it’s too hot.

You might have gathered from some answers that it hasn’t gotten very warm in Rennes yet. We’re sorry for everyone who is suffering from the dry heat in the US, here it has been cool and rainy. After we get back from the staff conference in Estonia, we plan to take a biking/camping trip together. Hopefully we will find sun and less rain. How about you? What do you like best about summer?

Efrem trying the gongs at the music festival
Efrem gets to play gongs during the music festival (the 21st of June every year).

  • Efrem is 2nd on the waiting list for percussion.
Please pray...
  • for safe travels for our family to Tallinn Estonia for the European staff conference.
  • that we can squeeze some quality vacation time out of the busy summer.
  • for Stephanie to raise her support and join us next year.