La Lumiere
September, 2012

Heartbeat Tallinn was a huge undertaking. About 1500 people came from 20 different countries. With that many converging on the capitol of Estonia, locals were bound to notice. Throughout the week there were many different outreaches, concerts and performances. The soccer stadium was used to assemble christians for Christ day, more concerts and a special testimony was given by Josh McDowell. In that week 15,000 Estonians were exposed to the gospel! One of them was named Raymond, and you'll hear more about him in the next section. Part of the music during the Christ day celebration was the Kiev orchestra. It was a sunny, hot day and they almost canceled for lack of shade for the instruments. They called on volunteers to hold umbrellas and provide shade so the show could go on. Yes, Dan was proud to be part of the elite umbrella holding crew! He also had the privilege of working on the security team during the André Kole performances, the illusionist who has been on staff with Campus Crusade for decades. His performance was a great experience and a unique way to share the gospel. But Dan hasn't been able to get any coins from his nose since.

An ad for André Kole, shade for the instruments
An ad for André Kole, and shade for instruments
in front of My Savior on the spilled blood - St. Petersburg
Silas and Efrem in front of a St. Petersburg church.

Gilles is a student in Rennes, originally from Camaroun. During the last school year Gilles invited all the students on his floor to discussion nights exploring the gospel of John. He really wanted to see God use him in Tallinn. One day he went to the beach with some other students; they approached several people hoping for good conversations. They were discouraged. Most of the people they met were not interested in talking. Estonians are known for being reserved. Finally, Gilles sat down on a bench to put his shoes on, frustrated. A guy was sitting next to him, and Gilles decided to talk with him. Raymond was cautious and wouldn't look at Gilles at first, but Gilles was led to keep talking with him about God's love. Raymond became interested and Gilles explained the gospel to him. When Raymond said he would like to pray to accept Christ, Gilles could hardly believe it. He asked him again to make sure. They prayed together right on the beach, the last conversation while putting on his shoes. Gilles had an extra day in Tallinn and met with Raymond again. They've been in touch through email too. When you're frustrated and down, thinking that God isn't at work – don't lose faith – that just might be when God decides to use you to touch someone's life!

First day of school - Silas 6th, Efrem 3rd grade
First day of school - Silas 6th, Efrem 3rd grade

  • for the quality family vacation time this summer: biking, camping, and visiting Tallinn, Helsinki and St. Petersburg
Please pray...
  • for a good start to the year, that students will be inspired to follow Christ closely.
  • that Stephanie will raise her support by the end of this month to intern with us (she's at 37%), if you feel led to give a gift - you could do that easily online!
  • for May and her team's progress on the new Agapé France web site.