La Lumiere
October, 2012

"Let's talk more about this" isn't something we hear very often while talking with French students. Usually God and Jesus are shrugged off as not interesting or unimportant. But we've seen God working lately, more and more students want to explore these things further! Wednesday Dan met with two of these guys, who are studying music. Their ideas vary from pantheism and reincarnation to a vague belief in God, but they are full of thoughts and questions. We talked about the spiritual side of music, Jesus, where our souls come from, protestantism, the Bible and even the satanic bible which one of them had read. Dan challenged them to consider what Jesus' good friend wrote about him in the gospel of John. They were enthusiastic meet and talk about it next week! Across town on another campus a "discovery group" is continuing from last year. Students are putting up posters and knocking on their neighbor's doors, encouraging people to join the group to hear about God. What's amazing is some of the most vocal students aren't christians! They are so moved by the discussion and community that they think everyone should hear, and they're right! One of these students from a muslim background was fairly antagonistic last year, but this year he said, "I feel so priviledged to be her having this conversation about Jesus with you. How will other muslims hear about him?" Let's pray for the work the Lord is doing in these hearts.

Stand on Campus
Our stand to make Agapé Campus visible to students…
favorite homework spot
Silas and Efrem in their favorite homework spot.

Silas is trying out baseball for the first time this year with the Rennes Redwings. The catch and batting practice he's done with his dad in the back yard has paid off. In his first two games, Silas found himself playing shortstop, catcher and pitcher. From all of Rennes, there are only four players in his age group. Imagine not being able to field a full little league team in a city of over 200,000 people! That's a reflection of what baseball is like in France. Clubs from all across the region converge and combine to form teams and give the kids a playing experience. Silas loves it, and it really warms Dan's heart to watch French kids fielding grounders and taking batting practice. One other interesting thing – they play in the rain. May said, "I think this is the first I've ever watched baseball in the rain." It started drizzling during the first game and by the end of the second it was a soaking mist. Rain is a reality in this part of France, and these baseball players are undaunted! It helps that they use synthetic and not real leather balls. Play ball!

Silas with the Rennes Redwings
Silas in his first game with the Rennes Redwings!
  • that Stéphanie (who will intern with us) is at 56% of her support and has been given more time. If you want to help her with a gift you could do that easily online. A big thanks to those of you who have!
Please pray...
  • for the student weekend October 26-28. Dan is preparing to talk on the first chapters of Acts.
  • that the openness on campus will continue!
  • for May and her team's progress on the new Agapé France web site.