La Lumiere
November, 2012

Last week two colleagues from England came to Rennes to help the technology team with Agapé France's new website. Conversations were dominated by talk of coding, software options, server migration, etc. For those not familiar with Asp, DotNetNuke, or Html, the best advice is to nod your head and say – uh huh, really? Even though we were both full fledged computer programmers 12 years ago, that's an eternity in technology time! May is scrambling to rebuild those skills. But her team is making tremendous progress, with no small thanks to our friends from England. In fact, they are teaming up because the code they're writing will serve not only Cru in France, but globally. And there are so few programmers working in ministry! There are diverse ways we can serve God. Ministries need programmers, designers, artists, organizers, accountants, the list goes on and on. No part of the body is more important than the other. We're thankful for the important contribution of May and her team, even if it's a little bit nerdy.

The technology team, doing what they do
The technology team, doin' what they do.

Walking Efrem to swimming lessons, he runs all over: jumping to touch tree branches, climbing over playground equipment, throwing his bag up in the air. Efrem exudes energy! We're thankful for his enthusiasm. The other weekend we went mushroom hunting in the forest and Efrem's bucket was more full than his dad's. Of course it helps that he loves mushrooms. Efrem is trying track and field this year. He enjoys it and isn't fazed by running laps. Efrem also gives his all practicing the flute, which he started this year. His first recital will be in December!

Praises... Please pray...
  • for our Thanksgiving outreach hosting 80+ students for dinner!
  • that students like Manuel, Ethiliel, Mina, Nicolas will make a decision for Christ
  • for May and her team's continued progress on the new Agapé France web site.
Efrem showing off those chantrelles
Efrem showing off those chantrelles.
mushrooms - tue mouche
No, we didn't pick these. Aren't they pretty though?