La Lumiere
January, 2013

Silas was only 8 months old when we quit our corporate jobs, sold everything (nearly) and joined a Campus Crusade team in France. The picture at the right is during our second year in Toulouse, taken in a courtyard on campus. Last Friday Silas turned twelve. Toulouse has seen French students accept Christ and some even join staff. God is working, changing lives and responding to prayers! Since then, He has lead us to Rennes where exciting things are happening as well. We had to ask the administration for a bigger room because our gatherings were getting too big, and they granted it – for free – all of which is unheard of in France. We have a fantastic group of students taking ownership of the ministry, planning discussion nights and outreaches to the homeless. We have seen more and more students open to participate in discovery groups, which most often explore the gospel of John to learn about Jesus. God is answering your prayers for openness! Looking back over twelve years of ministry, we’re encouraged. And it’s been a team effort. Thanks for being part of this team!

Dan and May and Silas in Toulouse 2002
Dan and May and Silas in Toulouse, 2002
  • for another enriching new year’s conference, with 7 students from Rennes.
  • that Stéphanie is now part of the campus team!
Please pray...
  • that students continue to be open to the gospel.
  • for progress for May and her team.
  • for wisdom with our time.

These are busy times – wow – you’re still reading, way to go! Here are a few things we’re hoping and praying for. First, that students here in Rennes come to know the Lord. Also, that more French will capture the vision and join in this valuable work. We’re investing in eternity here!  We continue to lift up May and her team as they toil to bring Agapé France’s technical infrastructure up to date. We always pray for our boys, that they would do well in school, be wise with their friends and grow in their relationship with the Lord. Lastly, that we can squeeze in time as a couple as we share in this adventure together…

Efrem taking aim
Efrem taking aim

Silas today is twelve years old and in middle school. He carries a cell phone as he navigates the busses to school, music classes, and back. He gets some of the best grades in his class, loves playing baseball on Saturday mornings, and we have to tell him to stop practicing his violin. For his birthday party he invited only three close friends. Silas prefers chewing gum to chocolate, but did ask for chocolate lava muffins for his birthday cake. Dan, on the other hand, asked for carrot cake.

Silas 12 years old
Silas the big 12 year old